Commission introduces EU Construction and Demolition Waste Protocol

Construction and demolition produces the largest volume of waste in the EU.

In a lifetime, an average European citizen generates at least 160 tonnes of construction and demolition waste and this amount is increasing. Where should we put all this waste? In our garden? Or in our neighbour’s garden? And what if we don’t have a garden? But seriously, there is a better solution…

Recycling and re-using of construction and demolition waste is the answer, that’s why the European Commission is introducing a new protocol on construction and demolition. Based on independent research, the Commission is introducing the non-binding guidelines as a proposal to the industry. This Protocol fits within the Construction 2020 strategy, as well as the Communication on Resource Efficiency Opportunities in the Building Sector. It’s also part of the European Commission’s ambitious and more recently adopted Circular Economy Package. Its overall aim is to increase confidence in the Construction and Demolition waste management process and the trust in the quality of Construction and Demolition waste recycled materials.

Find out more about the publication: EU Construction and Demolition Waste Protocol